1945 - Born at Balzan, to Edward and Anne nee Samut

1945 - First drawings

1952 - Drawings of battle scenes and towns in indian ink

1955 - Discovers Michelangelo and Leonardo

1956 - First oil paintings

1958 - Discovers the modern masters

1959 - Leaves school; writes first poems and works on ‘Last Judgement’

1960 - Paints ‘Mystic return of St. Paul’

1961 - Joins Capuchin Order in September, leaves in December leaving an unfinished painting of St. Frances; back home paints several paintings with thick impasto and writes several poems

1962 - First Scream series on a small panel; two murals for Corinthia Hotel

1963 - Joins Malta Police Force; writes several poems; does drawings and collages; suffers a nervous breakdown

1964 - Meets France Serra, his future wife

1965 - Marries Franca in Catania Sicily, lives in New Street, Sliema; various works in plastic; write several poems; paint another successful scream

1966 - Daniele is born on the 29th of August; first of the ‘Splash’ series in plastic, and revolving figures

1969 - Visits London with Kenneth Wain, back in Malta starts sculptures with iron rods and figures

1973 - Cinzia is born on the 2nd January; moves with his family to St, Julians; commissioned to paint Prime Minister Dom Mintoff and Sir Anthony Mamo President of Malta; does various sculptures in the classical style

1975 - Medically boarded out of the Malta Police Force; various paintings in the classical style

1976 - First one man exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum, Valletta

1977 - Visits Paris; second exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum, Valletta’ first of teh series ‘Triumph of Death’

1978 - Third one man exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum, Valletta; designs various sets of Malta Stamps

1979 - Paints Sir Nigel Cecil. Last British Admiral in Malta. Spends four months in the Isle of Man; exhibition at Castletown; paints Sir Charles Kerroush President of the Isla of Man; back in Malta moves with his family to Swieqi; sets up studio in Għar-id-Dud street, Sliema using the ground floor of his anunt Mary Inglott; paints ex Prime Minister Sir Paul Boffa

1980 - Various collective exhibitions in Malta, London, New York, Copenhagen, Berlin, Palermo, and Tripoli; paints Dr. Anton Buttigieg President of Malta

1981 - Begins painting Dome of St. Joseph Parish Church, Msida; exhibits at Monte Carlo’s Grand Prix d’Art Contemporain; exhibits in Kyoto, Japan

1982 - Self-portrait accepted by the Uffizi gallery in Florence; finishes Dome of Msida Parish Church of St. Joseph; write very experimental prose; constructs ‘Goliath’ a tree and a half meter sculpture in field where his studio was to be built

1983 - Builds personal studio in Swieqi; one man exhibition in Algiers; reads Marquez; paints Dome and Four Evangelists of Stella Maris Church, Sliema

1984 - Retrospective exhibition at the National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta; various ‘Scream’ paintings and iron sculptures; reads Borges

1985 - Writes hundreds of pages ‘Automatic Writing’; reads Joyce and Proust

1986 - Paints other ‘Triumph of Death’ series; re-writes Automatic Writing’ under the title of ‘ Quarantine in Babel’

1987 - One man exhibition at the Museum of Archaeology, Valletta; reads Pychon

1988 - Various scrap-metal sculptures and revolving figures; spends two months in the Isle of Guernsey with the Wyman family and is commissioned two portraits; writes first draft for the novel ‘Daze’

1989 - Works feverishly to merge the two themes, the babelonian daze with the reality seen through the eyes of a child held in quarantine in his own home; commissioned to decorate Villa Mdina in Naxxar, paints Prime Minister E. Fenech Adami

1990 - Paints Prof. Guido de Marco for the Casino Maltese; works on various sculptures; experiments on the ‘Splash’ series

1994 - Interviewed on the Super One T.V.; writing ‘Doze happy Daze’; his father Edward dies aged 81; paints ex Prime Minister Dr. George Borg Olivier

1995 - Paints Dr. Hugo Mifsud Bonnici President of Malta

1996 - Paints Italian Ambassador Prof. Marco Colombo

1997 - Visits Berlin; re-writing ‘Doze Happy Daze’; paints ex Prime Minister Dr. Karm Mifsud Bonnici

1998 - His mother Anne dies aged 76; visits Kent and London

1999 - Visits Prague, Krackow and Aushwitz; participates in the Venice Biennale; works on various collages and ‘fire paintings’; paints Avrid Pardo

2000 - One man exhibition at the Holiday Inn, Tigne’ during the lauching of the Socrates Programme in Malta; paints Prof. Guido de Marco President of Malta and Dr. Giorgio Boggio EU Ambassador

2001 - His wife Franca is diagnosed with Colon Cancer

2002 - BOV retrospective exhibition

Inactive for a long period due to caring for his wife Franca

2006 - Visits Brussels having been invited by MR Louis Grech M E

2007 - Franca died aged 62

2007 Is assisted by John Paul Azzopardi in studio works in spite of his bereavement he manages to surge on with his writing and other visual works

2009 - Exhibits in Brussels three portraits

2009 - Has as a studio assistant Mrs Monique Fenech until 2011 who introduces him to the computer

2011 - Heritage Malta buys his Sculpture Guerriero 1

2013 - Commissioned to paint Cardinal Prospero Grech

2013 - Plans a small exhibition of recent works at Palazzo de piro Mdina next January 2014; plus launching of his website